TKL Crane Weighers


tigrip crane weighers TKL model

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tigrip | TKL | crane weigher | compact measuring devices for weighing of loads | digital display unit | use appropriate attachments like grade 8 forgings between the the hook of the hoist or crane, the crane weigher and the load | crane weighers have a liquid crystal display (LCD), which can tare as well as show either the gross or net load. also indicates overload at 110% of the rated capacity and the status of the battery | high accuracy | lightweight design | easy-to-read display | easy to use | robust design | housing can be rotated 180° | retains the peak value to memory | the battery capacity provides for around 200 operating hours | automatic setting to zero when crane weigher is switched on | use of rechargeable batteries possible (external battery charger) | display of maximum weight (gross/net) | display of measuring units at the load indicator | measuring units kg, tonnes, lbs and kN | automatic stand-by for a prolonged battery lifetime | overload warning | temperature range when in operation -10°C to +50°C | temperature range when in storage -20°C to +70°C

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